The Cotman Collection | 55

The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 55

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    Letter of John Sell Cotman to Walter F. Cotman, 26 April 1838


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    'Tis all over now & done with, and I don't intend to have such
    another if I can help it, be assured. Miles is now in
    Norwich, for the Easter Holidays. I expect him back, with
    Nunky, on Sunday.
    God bless you, my dear Boy,
    Your affectionate father
    J. S. Cotman.

    William has left us about ½ year. He has got a good place at
    Highgate, a most splendid living and 16£ per annum.
    His place is supplied by two maid servants, about the
    height of a penny loaf each, or nearly so. But they work
    capitally well together. In short our house is made comfortable by
    them. The house maid is a girl of good, plain, understandable
    guise, & she suits me exactly. They are so small that
    they both cried to be taken, for nobody would have them.
    And, so far, much the better, for they endeavour all they
    can to stop. They both of them, when hired, absolutely cried,
    for they said, if your mother could not take them nobody could.
    I shall look to your getting a situation in London, one
    day or another, and then we {crossed out – can} shall be altogether, some-
    time at best, and that is what I {crossed out – should} like best.
    Your having been at Manchester in such a warehouse will
    be some recommendation & help to such a position.
    Write directly to us and if ill, my dear boy, get someone
    to do it for you. But still, with all my fears upon that
    print, I hope they will be found to be groundless.
    I am off soon to Hampstead.
    Portsmouth, 26 Ap 26.