The Cotman Collection | SDK/1/3 Collected material

Collected material

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Date: [1927-1937]
Reference Number: SDK/1/3

Letter books

Bound volumes of letters collected by Kitson as part of his research into the life and work of Cotman. One volume containing original letters (1834-35) from Arthur Dixon to his ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/3/1

Sales and exhibition catalogues

A number of Cotman related sales and exhibitions catalogues collected by Kitson during the course of his Cotman research. Most of the books bear Kitson's name and some are annotated ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/3/2

Published writing about John Sell Cotman and Cotman family artists

All the materials collected by Kitson, including these volumes on Cotman and related artists, serve to illustrate the growing interest in and the twentieth century re-appraisal of John Sell Cotman. ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/3/3

Miscellaneous material

A number of books from Kitson's library, collected during his research into John Sell Cotman and other artists. continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/3/4