The Cotman Collection | SDK/1 Papers of Sydney Decimus Kitson

Papers of Sydney Decimus Kitson

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Date: [12 Jan 1936-23 Apr 1937]
Reference Number: SDK/1


Material from two box files labelled 'Cotmania 1' and 'Cotmania 2'. Comprising correspondence to Sydney Decimus Kitson regarding the publication of his biography on Cotman, 'The Life of John Sell ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/1

Self-generated material

Material created by Kitson during his research and collecting activity around John Sell Cotman, including his biographies of Cotman; research journals and notebooks containing daily entries, as well as newspaper ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/2

Collected material

Research materials collected by Kitson in his acquisition of John Sell Cotman art works and the writing of his biography of Cotman. Kitson's collection of Cotman material was a quest ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/3