The Cotman Collection | 53

The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 53

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    Letter of John Sell Cotman to Walter F. Cotman, 26 April 1838


  • Transcription

    To Walter F. Cotman. 53
    Post mark - 26 April 1838.
    dear interesting creature'. I hope you have her still.
    Pray tell us about her, for your Mother often mentions her”. For it is
    not, “Oh, we never mention her”. Her attachment to you was
    very miraculous. Talking of miracles reminds me of Alfred.
    He, poor fellow, turned Catholic, of all things, and wants you
    to tell him about the miracle performed lately at Manchester
    about the Catholics, which you, by the way, perhaps never heard of.
    If you dare read him a lectureon this subject, I beg, for nothing
    will go down with him but Catholicism. He is looking extremely
    well, and is so. We call him the fat boy, from his likeness
    to that character in Pickwick Paper. You have read these,
    no doubt. They are very witty & full of fun. If not, read them.
    You will laugh over these, as I did. I have been really ill ever
    since you left me about 20 days ago, and I am now fast
    recovering myself, my spirits & everything else besides.
    The Drawing a very large one, 3 ft by 2.8 inches, two ships,
    Sea & Sky by Miles, the foreground full of figures & pictures
    & carpets by myself, the biggest drawing I ever made,
    Price 60 guineas, but which as well as I expect it
    will on the private view, I shall make. This subject is the
    wreck of the Houghton Picture, consigned to the Empress of
    Russia. Two others I commenced, one a view on the roof of
    Flixton Hall, Mr. Adair's, full of figures of the time of Henry the
    8th, and called 'The Presentation of the Rose & Sword to the Lady
    of the Manor of Flixton'. A fine subject & promises to be a
    very fine drawing, if so it will be 60 guineas. The other a view of
    the Great Western Steamer, 225 feet long, destined to be a packet
    to New York from Bristol, which passage is calculated to be
    performed in 15 days!!!!!! Ann, Miles & Alfred went
    with me to see his down at Blackwall. Ann will describe
    the jaunt to you in this, I hope. These two are not finished
    in consequence of a bad fall I had downstairs, backwards,
    of about 20 feet. I only wonder I did not kill myself by it.