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The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 111

  • Description

    Letter of John Sell Cotman to Walter F. Cotman, 21 March 1839


  • Transcription

    To Walter F. Cotman.
    March 21. 1839 42 Hunter St.
    Brunswick Square
    My dearest Walter,
    In a letter from John, received two days ago, he mentioned
    that you were about to leave Messrs Potters' the first of April,
    and that he should write to you & advise you to endeavour to get
    another situation in Manchester, if possible, as you are more
    likely to get one, now you are in place and in Manchester, than
    when out of it. I think so too under all the circumstances, for things
    don't appear to flourish very well anywhere. But in all this
    do as you think best, as you are experienced enough now, I
    presume, to be a sufficient judge of your own affairs. My
    chief reason for writing to you now is really to assure you
    that, so long as I have a house, you shall share it; that we all
    can depend upon & have the best opinions of you. So cheer up,
    my dear boy and trust to God for the best. Let me hear from you &
    how you are circumstanced with regard to Messrs Potter & Co.
    My Mother's in writing to you, my dear boy, is simply to prevent
    your being uneasy on account and save you from a
    fit of fretting & to assure you of my affections, at all events
    come what may.
    My health since Xmas has been very moderate, suffering
    from a very severe & obstinate attack of rheumatism so much
    so as almost to keep my bedroom. Time is short before the post.
    John has perhaps told you that Robt. Dixon has left Dublin, &
    that John Dixon is likely to be adrift from the same cause. The
    [ ] works not answering. If so, it must fall very hard on
    him, as his appointment induced him to take a wife, &
    there are now, I believe, two children. Well it is a curious
    world we live in. There is no saying what is for the best.
    Write to me & state how things stand with you.
    Our love to you.
    [Signature cut out]
    Your Mother doesn't want the cotton, but if you cannot get rid of it
    and it will be a loss to you – why she will take it. That's all, so that's
    God bless you.