The Cotman Collection | 113

The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 113

  • Description

    Letter of John Sell Cotman to Walter F. Cotman, 13 April 1839


  • Transcription

    To {added – F.} Walter Cotman. 113
    April 13. 1839.
    42 Hunter St.
    My dearest Walter.
    We have not heard from [ ] of you since you left us,
    tho' I thought I had mentioned to you your directing the Norwich
    paper to Walter Cotman, as indicating your safe arrival. But I
    suppose circumstances prevented it. You must have had a very
    cold ride, for the night was cold. I thought of you a great many times,
    when you felt it the coldest - very: at the dawn of morning, until you
    got your breakfast. I send you two left shoes - which you may
    consider pains - If so they are all right; and and two pieces of Indian
    rubber that I promised you, but forgot to give you. Do you or John
    direct the paper to Walter as indicative of all's well at Norwich.
    And when you get to Manchester, I hope to have a long & true account of
    your sojourn at Norwich, your journey to Norwich & your journey to
    Manchester -- a good & faithful account of how you found John, your
    Uncle Edmund, my father, Harry, Mrs. Roe & Susan as I feel
    very anxious about them all & very desirous of hearing from them.
    Remember me to Mr. Dixon & tell him I regret his brother Robert
    did not call & take a bit of Dinner with me in passing through
    London. Tell me also of John Dixon's prospects of remaining or
    not in his situation. Did you ask whether there was an extra
    Vapour bath?
    As you did not appear to know your own age, I have, for your
    information, given it as under, with the births of the rest of the Class
    John Sell Cotman born May 16. 1782
    Ann (late Miles) July 29. 1783
    Their Children
    Miles Edmund. Feb 5. 1810.
    Ann. July 12. 1812.
    John Joseph. May 29. 1814.
    Francis Walter. July 5. 1816.
    Alfred Henry. Oct 11th 1819.
    Nothing new has occurred since you left us. Therefore we all
    remain in much the same state. You have had two or three
    very fine days since you have been down – though, perhaps,