The Cotman Collection | 82

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 27 verso

  • Description

    Kitson's diary entry for 26 August 1932

    A further visit to John Sell Cotman of Reading: works by John Joseph and John Sell Cotman (72-81)

    Date: 1932

  • Transcription

    (72) Two little oils, 4⅜ x 5½, one on canvas, one on wood, landscape. ? J. J. C, might be J. S. C.
    *(73) A group of 3 adults in centre, 2 children on l[eft] – at side, buildings pencilled in, on mahogany a 1 coat oil sketch. Varnish very brown. ? a Normandy subject, certainly by J. S. C.
    *(74) Pencil on white paper. Two greyhounds, by J. J or possibly by J. S. C (?) 12½ x 8.
    (75) A small boy leaning against a post – “Cotman Kings College.” 11 x 8½.
    *(76) Copy of St. John preaching in the Wilderness, by Guido Reni – ‘J. J. C’. 12¼ x 9¼. Charcoal & white on buff paper.
    (77) Watercolour. River Scene. Yellow & scarlet. Wild pencilwork. “J. J. Cotman June 11, 1874.” 15½ x 27.
    (78) Pencil, green & red chalk on buff paper. ‘J. J. Cotman, Thorpe’, all corners rounded, poor & illcomposed. 13 x 20.
    (79) Sepia. Man in armour seated drinking. A nun enters thro’ arch – bad 13 x 9½.
    In office.
    **(80) Watercolour by J. S. C. A little blue landscape (3½ x 4) with ‘Unfinished’ written on sky, with a sepia renaissance surround: double eagle in black at top. Red lion rampant at bottom. Surrounded by green palm leaves, in an old frame. 15 x 10¾.
    (81) A sheet of sketches, 18 & 2 missing. Pencil of a child ‘Bottle. Jan 14 1822’. another outline of 2 figures in the ‘Harvest field’, but smaller. [Sketch by Kitson with dimensions 2¼” [l.h. figure], 2½” [r.h. figure], 3 [horizontal].] – now S. D. K.
    [Note in margin:] Alfred Cotman was born Oct 11, 1810.

Kitson's diary entry for 26 August 1932