The Cotman Collection | 81

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 27 recto

  • Description

    Kitson's diary entry for 26 August 1932

    A further visit to John Sell Cotman of Reading: works by the Cotman family (61-71)

    Date: 1932

  • Transcription

    (61.) Watercolour. A Bank, church in distance, by J. J. C. (unsigned.) 7¾ x 13½.
    **(62) Sunset View, water colour, by J. J. C. (unsigned) unfinished[,] reminds me of a late Turner, e.g. ‘Arundel Canal.’ 6¾ x [23½ - crossed out] 28. Exh[ibite]d Tate Gallery 1922 (No. 145).
    (63) Water colour, Road & Bridge, late, rather mad, ‘J. J. Cotman’ 15 x 21.
    (64) Water Colour, ‘At Carrow, near Norwich M. E. C. 1853.’ Shed, boat & river, 9½ x 13½.
    Spare Room.
    (The oil painting of Mrs J. S. C by J. S. C. No. 38)
    ***(65) Pencil on buff paper, ‘Charlton Bridge Northumberland. J. S. Cotman’, & in left bottom corner “1834” (drawing copy no.) A border peel tower, bridge & stream, with a fisherman wading in it. Looks c.1824. 9 x 13. See No. 19 (M. E. C’s copy).
    *(66) Sepia, Landscape, with bank on left, by J. J. C, but unsigned, 8½ x 15.
    (67) Red Sepia, River Scene, J. J. C. Aug: 1832. 10 x 17½.
    (68) Pencil & Chinese white on buff paper, ‘Boats on Breydon Water (?) Windmills & church spire in distance, r[ight], perhaps by J. S. C. 6¾ x 10.
    (69) Study of an old man with shepherd’s crook & top hat, standing by a fence. ‘J. J. Cotman, 1833.’ pencil & Ch[inese] white on buff paper. Immature. 13½ x 10¼.
    (70) Study of an old woman with a bundle of sticks, (a pair to the above, ‘J. J. Cotman’. 13½ x 10¼.
    ***(71) Charcoal touched w[ith] Ch[inese] wh[ite] on buff paper. Sketch of a young man (? M. E. C) & a woman w[ith] cap (back view) (? Anne) sitting at a table facing each other. Tall lamp & a candle. They are drawing, rounded top, almost certainly by J. S. C. 10½ x 8. c. 1836-9.

Kitson's diary entry for 26 August 1932