The Cotman Collection | 107

Cotmania. Vol. V. 1929-30

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/5
Page: 74 verso

  • Description

    Comparative chronology of Girtin and Cotman

    Girtin, 1800, continued

    Date: 1929-30

  • Transcription

    T. Girtin. 1800. (continued.)
    Conway Castle w[ater]c[olour] 'Girtin 1800' (Davies, pl. 79). Conway

    Ruins of Conway Castle (Davies, plate 66)
    Conway Castle from across the River - pencil sketch - Turner Bequest.

    [St Asaph - 'Girtin 1800.' - crossed out] Ripon (Davies, pl. 81 [where it is wrongly called 'Ripon'. - crossed out])
    Flint Castle. w[ater]c[olour] (B[ritish] M[useum] L.B. 27a). Flint.
    'A View near Denbigh' w[ater]c[olour] (Davies, pl. 65). Denbigh.
    'Valle Crucis' w[ater]c[olour] (Davies, pl. 62). Llangollen. 2 Miles N.W. of.
    'Valle Crucis'. w[ater]c[olour] (Davies, pl. 63)
    (?) Dinas, Bran Llangollen. pencil. Turner Bequest.

    'Bridgenorth 1802.' Bridgenorth.

    [in pencil] Cayne Waterfall - B[ritish] M[useum]
    N. Wales.

Comparative chronology of Girtin and Cotman