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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/10
Page: 3 verso

  • Description

    Press cuttings / Leeds Art Gallery Festival exhibition / Visited by Arthur Batchelor

    Press cuttings regarding trustees report of the National Portrait Gallery / Kitson referring to Leeds Art Gallery Festival exhibition with part of his writing obscured by a catalogue cutting of Cotman works / Kitson visited by Arthur Batchelor who brought with him an album containing three John Sell Cotman drawings. Kitson made some notes written horizontally on left of page

    Date: 1934 - 1935

  • Transcription

    {Press cuttings}

    Sir Raymond Unwin, by H. Riviere
    By the Librarian, Royal Institute of British Architects.
    Mrs J. S. Cotman, by J.S. Cotman.
    By Sydney Kitson; Esq
    {Kitson notes}
    Leeds Art Gallery 'Festival' exhibition of 'modern British painters, Oct 1934 (Writing is obscured by catalogue cutting):

    1. Cotman A Classical Landscape ... ... Sir Hickman Bacon, Bt
    2. " Postwick Grove ... ... " " "
    3. " A Beach Scene ... ... " " "

    The other artists represented are Constable, Greaves, Sickert, Gilman, Gore, John, Lamb [?], P. Nash, J. Nash, Lewis, G. Spencer, Aldridge.
    {Kitson notes}
    Another Batchelor came to stay, Oct 9 - 1934.
    He brought with him an album 10 x 7 1/2 x 1 3/4. H. Gilroyd to the Reverend Charles Turner, Vicar of St Peters Mancroft. There are 3 Cotman drawings in it - (1) The frontispiece a cherub with an arrow prodding the flame of a lamp - "Mr Turner" is written behind the lamp - it is signed "J.S.C 1827". "Affection cherishing the spark of life" - pencil
    (written vertically on left of page) - Now owned by Mr Gordon of Norwich -

    (2) Three cherubs descending on a book, the front one holding 2 wreaths, the back ones holding palm leaves - signed "J.S.C". The infant [? ] the album. No date. Pencil.
    (3) Five boys bathing and two boys dressed on the bank with a fishing rod - J.S.C - Dec 31 1826
    Jan 1 1827
    "Midsummer Holidays"
    By [Bond]. verse 6-7.
    Spoken by Dixon at Mr Turner's Recitations "1826"
    This subject composed during the recitations.

    (written vertically on left of page) - These 3 drawings are all drawn on the album paper.

Press cuttings / Leeds Art Gallery Festival exhibition / Visited by Arthur Batchelor