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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

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  • Description

    Dawson Turner press cutting and catalogue cutting / Visit to Tate Gallery and visit to Castle Museum

    Press cutting regarding Dawson Turner and catalogue cutting from Hunt's catalogue regarding J.S.Cotman sketches for sale / Two entries regarding visit to Tate Gallery to see a large sea piece attributed to J.S.Cotman and on offer to Leeds Art Gallery. Second entry referring to a Joseph Stannard exhibition at the Castle museum.

    Date: 1934-1935

  • Transcription

    {Press cutting}
    from Times Literature Supplement, August 23rd 1934: Dawson Turner Sir, - I am preparing a biography of Dawson Turner, F.R.S., F.S.A. (1775 - 1858), banker, botanist and antiquary, and shall be very grateful for the loan of, and permission to copy, any of his letters. Any material supplied to me will be immediately acknowledged and promptly returned by registered post. Warren R. Dawson 28, Grange Road, Barnes, S.W.13.
    {Cutting from Hunt's catalogue}, Oxford Hill, Norwich, September 1934: Cotman (John Sell) Liber Studiorum: a series of sketches and studies, 48 fine etchings, many scenes in Norfolk, early impressions, 4to, Publisher's half leather binding, a few of the plates somewhat foxed, as is usually the case with this exceedingly rare book, £5 5s London 1838
    {Tate Gallery visit and Joseph Stannard exhibition}
    September 20. 1934. Visited Tate Gallery where Mr Fincham showed me a large oil sea piece, attributed to John Sell Cotman, which was on offer to the Leeds Art Gallery for £800 - that had a letter from R.A. Riches (6 Cambridge Court, Richmond Bridge, Middlesex) who was offering it on behalf of a friend. He says it once belonged to Humphrey Roberts. The picture had been recently cleaned. 2/3 sky, explosive cloud (like R.J.Colman, Yarmouth beach). Steely grey colour - the drawing upon [?] - perhaps by Miles Sell Cotman - but if so, a bad [?]
    September 7. 1934. [?] from Southwold to Norwich [? ?] - a Stannard Exibition at the Castle. No. 65 a watercolour by Joseph Stannard - 'The Rat Catcher 11 1/2 x 8' - is similar to my pencil 'squeeze' No. 683 - 'The ?' - and the latter is doubtless by Stannard also. Miss Barnard told me that the museum had had a bequest of £1000 recently, which it was intended to devote to the acquisitions of Cotman drawings.

Dawson Turner press cutting and catalogue cutting / Visit to Tate Gallery and visit to Castle Museum