The Cotman Collection | SDK/1/2/4 Research notebooks

Research notebooks

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Date: [1926-37]
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/4

Reeve Collection. British Museum

J.S. Cotman. Reeve Collection. British Museum, a notebook containing Kitson's lists, notes and sketches of Cotmans in the Reeve collection at the British Museum. London. The early twentieth century ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/2/4/1

Cotman's Normandy Drawings

Cotman's Normandy Drawings. Kitson's notes and sketches of Cotman Normandy drawings. In 1817 Cotman made the first of three tours of Normandy, France, which resulted in two folio volumes of etchings, ... continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/2/4/2

Pencil sketches by J.S. Cotman

Kitson's notebook of Pencil sketches by J. S. Cotman continue reading

Reference: SDK/1/2/4/3