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Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

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    Walker's Summer Exhibition, 1932

    Positive comments on the representation of Miles Edmund Cotman and John Joseph Cotman

    Date: 1932

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    [Newspaper cutting]
    There is nothing by John Sell Cotman, but his two sons are here, M. E., with several Norfolk drawings in the paternal manner, and J. J., with two full coloured works, which, though of Norfolk subjects, come out strongly in the direction of Palmer and the Pre-Raphaelites.

    [Note by Kitson:] The Times July 1, 1932, reviewing Walker's Summer Exh[ibitio]n.

    [Newspaper cutting]
    One of the features of last summer's exhibition at Walker's was the strong representation of J. J. Cotman, the youuger son of the more famous John Sell Cotman. This year there are again two brilliantly sunny and full-coloured landscapes by J. J., "On the Yare," dated 1874, and "Near Norwich." In capturing the glow and sparkle of nature's sunshine J. J. Cotman approximated very closely in his own way to the aims and achievements of the French Impressionists, who were just his contemporaries, but his juniors.
    It should be recognised now that J. J. Cotman was a genuine pioneer, brave in his colour research, even if he was less powerful as a draughtsman and designer than his father. The one example of John Sell Cotman at Walker's "The Clere Monument, Blickling Church," reveals that master's robust and quite modern feeling for "volumes," and there is also a representative group of water-colours by his elder son, Miles E. Cotman.

    [Note by Kitson:]
    The Sunday Times
    Aug: 14, 1932

Walker's Summer Exhibition, 1932