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Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 8 verso

  • Description

    Kitson's diary entries 1 September-20 October 1931

    Drawings by Cotman and visits to Norwich

    Date: 1931

  • Transcription

    Sept 1, 1931.
    Matthews & Brooke sent me (at Southwold) on approval at the instance of R.H.K. 2 drawings. (1) Chedgrave Ch[urch], N[or]f[ol]k, the N. doorway (Norman) pencil & colour, very charming: especially the drawing of the gravestone as threshold, 9" x 7⅜". (30 guineas). It is etched in Castellated & Ecclesiatical Remains of N[or]f[ol]k. no date: but probably 1817. Signed 'Cotman'.
    (2) Thwaite Ch[urch], N[or]f[ol]k. doorway, 10 x 9. Signed 'Cotman'. Colour & brown ink. Etching plate 24 of Arch[itectura]l Ant[iquitie]s of N[or]f[ol]k. 'pub[lishe]d Yar[mout]h Dec: 1813.' A rather poor thing, the penwork being bad. probably a copy by another hand.
    Sept 14. Visited Norwich: saw P.M.T[urner] at the Castle Museum. He told me 'Silver Birches' &, I think, also 'Normandy Landscape', were given by Dawson Turner to Harriet as a wedding present at her marriage in April 1830 to Rev. J[ohn] Gunn.
    The fine sepia of Castor Castle wh[ich] Jenny bought for £5.10.0. at the auction of the late F. Johnson's things is the drawing for 'Excursions thro' Norfolk': & the plate was pub[lishe]d April 1, 1818.
    Sept: 7th [sic] Spent day in Norwich. Saw the Cotman loan coll[ectio]n. Leney has the Dawson Turner copy of 'Outlines in Lithography', with D[awson] T[urner]'s notes.
    Visited the Public Library. Saw the directories for 1783 & for 1801, & the poll books for 1799, 1802, & 1806.

Kitson's diary entries 1 September-20 October 1931