The Cotman Collection | 76

The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 76

  • Description

    Catalogue of works by Constable and others


  • Transcription


    (297) Studies of Landscape by Cozens, etc, A Dog by
    Spilsby, etc. 6. (Palsen 9/-)
    (298) A pair of landscapes in indian ink by Hearne
    in pencil
    & a view at Christian Malford ^ by the same. 3. (Palsen 15/-)
    (299) A pair of coloured views by Webber & & a landscape in colour
    by J. Varley. 3. (A. Burton. 1.2.0)
    (301) View of the Place Vietrice at Paris with numerous figures
    A capital drawing by Rowlandson, & “a Diving Belle”
    by the same 2. (Mourey 17/-)
    (302) Studies of trees in black chalk by the late Mr. Constable.
    \10. (White 1. 3. 0.)
    (303) Highly finished studies by the same. (White 3.3.0.)
    (304) Studies in oil, on paper, of Clouds & Skies by Ditto
    at the
    with curious & interesting memoranda on backs. 29.
    (White 3.11.0.)
    (305) Copy of a study by Titian for the trees in the Peter
    Martyr by the late Mr. Constable: sketch by Sir George
    Beaumont: Ruined Abbey by [ ], etc, 11.
    (Woolsey 1.1.0.)
    (306) Wolsey's Gate at Ipswich*: & various drawings in
    colours .9. (Pullman 13/-)

    [*This is illustrated in Heseltine's 'Nfk & Sufflk artists
    with a note by Constable behind.
    It is by George Frost.]