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The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 157

  • Description

    Letter of John Sell Cotman to Dawson Turner, 21 July 1841


  • Transcription

    To/ Dawson Turner Esq
    Yarmouth July 21. 1841. 42 Hunters St.
    Norfolk Brunswick Sq.

    My dear Sir,
    I have just seen a copy (said to be by Jordaens) of
    the Judgement of Paris by Rubens - the size about 2½ feet long
    by ----------- Price £10. I think it would be a curious
    picture for you to possess, for many reasons.
    I have not time to say more than, should you think you w[oul]d
    wish to possess it, to to beg you w[oul]d give me a line by return of Post.
    No Artist of the present day wd. make such a copy for
    double the sum. A frame of the same date (carved) goes
    with it. I have left off buying, or I would have it to a
    certainty - as a very valuable, curious & fair copy
    of one of the most superb pictures of the Master. It is on
    panel. Sh[oul]d you wish for it, I think you may depend on my
    statement being correct, and quite worth your attention.
    In so hasty a scrawl I scarcely {crossed out – venture} dare
    make enquiries about my Friends at Yarmouth, but I
    sincerely hope they are all well.
    I am, dear Sir,
    Yrs very sincerely
    J. S. Cotman.