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The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 137

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    Letter of John Sell Cotman to James Bulwin, 30 August 1839


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    To/ 137
    The Rev: 42 Hunter St.
    J. Bulwin. Aug 30: 1839. Brunswick Sq.

    My dear Friend,
    The many happy hours I have sat spent in your
    company & the deep obligations I must ever have for your
    many, many, kindnesses heaped upon my head, makes me
    feel now I am wide awake, most anxious for your welfare &
    health, my dear friend. I have made many enquiries after you,
    but can hear nothing of you. That busy devil, imagination,
    paints you ill. Contradict it: if you cannot, only say that
    the person you have served - and that's me - can be of any
    comfort to you. Why I will come down to Aylsham & chip you up, as
    you so often Chipped me up, to shavings. But, mark me, my dear
    friend, if you are not ill, I cannot come down, for I want the blanket
    again _ for I am hard at it, painting away like mad - and
    will not come down for any Bulwin, well - but Bulwin ill, is quite
    another matter.
    I wish you to know Revd. John Gunn. He is an unaffected creature, rows
    well, and will take you to most delightful spots about the Broads (Lakes) of
    Norfolk. You may trust to his [ ] too, now, for he has had another
    streak put into him, which renders it safe!!!!! In his Lady you will find
    one of my oldest Friends & Pupils. My best, double best, regards to your
    Boys, whom I treated ill - from being ill myself.
    Thank the Thames, Medway, fresh air, walking, running for the
    rodomontade - to say nothing of Hair Gloves as a [ ] to rub
    off the putty. Yours affectionately , J. S. Cotman.
    This is a poaching shot, but as the distance is long it will be a
    point of law to make it legal - though it hits you on the 1st of September.
    This is a through-paced wet day - drenching. I found it out in
    bed last night by getting up stiff with Rheumatism.
    Summer we have had not, and the dog days over without
    a proclamation with the Lord Mayor - or even one
    dog day. Invalids must find out a new world - this
    one won't do. J. S. C.
    I saw a brace of shot birds in hand yesterday - begins
    early, methinks.