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The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 119

  • Description

    Letter of John Sell Cotman to James Bulwin, 31 May 1839


  • Transcription

    To Rev Jas Bulwin 119
    Aylsham. May the last. 1839
    Norfolk 42 Hunter St.

    My dear Friend,
    “I did intend long before this to have” - (question from Rev Jas
    Bulwin's last letter), answered your kind remembrances of me, but
    could not [ ] of my own informative concerns.
    In answer to your first question – Your letter found me getting up
    to an 8 o'clock breakfast. My Drawing Rooms are entirely cleared.
    I have been to the Water Colour Gallery & the Royal Academy. Bur on
    Tuesday I visited the latter with my family, I rode there & not
    knowing it was so cold a day (feeling always so cold) I walked
    back, and to bed for two or three in consequence – in short was
    made very ill by it. I have been, and am, painting hard, and
    so fond {added – am I} of it that I think I shall never execute another drawing.
    Tomorrow I intend, please God, to visit the college & look at
    my pupils & to pay my compliments to Rev D. Major D.D-
    in short, to show my face, for the second time this half year.
    As you have been a good prophet in many things I will leave this
    account to tell you how I am – not that I now can dress
    myself beyond my stockings & Drawers!!! But we may be
    happy by comparison.
    My dear Friend, I miss you much, and I know I sh[oul]d, for you
    have always been most kind to my failings. Therefore this shall
    be my last expression of regret to you on your leaving London, &
    I shall always be most happy to hear of your health, enjoyments
    & well doings in the Country.
    I have sketched from recollection a Clock I etched, which I think I
    must have given you - which would build up beautifully &
    W[oul]d. answer your purpose, if not too expensive, which I am
    afraid would be the Case. If you have not this etching, tell
    me so, & I will give another rummage, and if I find one
    it shall be yours
    Have you the pencil sketch of the one made for Lady Suffield?
    Will that sort of thing do for you? I confess I liked it.
    Can't you manage to buy from some of the firms in your
    neighbourhood some old Gothic ornament to work up?