The Cotman Collection | 107

The Cotman Letters 1838-1864

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/5
Page: 107

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    Journal of John Joseph Cotman [December 1838]


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    shall be the last I cannot help it had I the money they
    should have it. I have done more than I intended in
    this way {?} it is new and I quite enjoy it. I leave
    well pleased with its effects & happy quite. My plan is now
    to rise at seven and get two good hours work before break-
    fast now for perseverance.
    Aid me O Jove! For good is my intent
    To work most vigorously am I bent
    With thy kind aid I may do wonders
    Come to paint you with all your Thunders
    At least I soon may come to paint the head
    Of any man right well to earn my bread
    And should I leave no name when I am dead
    I may provide for mouths that would be fed
    And if I can do this one point is gained
    Once on the winning side the others soon obtained
    Thus if you'll aid I may be handed down
    With a most glorious lay laurel crown
    I would not joke on this but really
    I think light of it most sincerely.

    Thursday Dec. 20th 1838. Rose late nothing done before
    breakfast not even shaved sad shame must mend.
    Delightful ride to Thorpe gave a first lesson to Mrs. Clive
    very nice & agreeable woman Lady of the Poor Law Commissioner.
    Afterwards rode until two, met two ladies and rode along
    side through park and about, dined too late ot
    answer Father's letter received yesterday containing kind
    hansome and unexpected Xmas box. write tomorrow
    morning. before breakfast if possible to send with Turkey on
    Saturday. Drank tea with ladies at St.Michael's met there
    to my surprise an interloper pleasant enough not with-
    standing. Very rediculous, chep etc, etc. Why is a Lover
    like a ladies lap dog? Do ye give it up? Cause why it