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Arthur Dixon letters

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/1
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  • Description

    Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 19 March 1834

    Dixon reassures JJC that Geldart is caring for Alfred [Henry Cotman]. He is not disappointed that JJC is not coming to Norwich. A letter that JJC believes was misdirected was in fact sent to JJC. Dixon has recently walked around Thorpe and Mousehold with Edmund and his sister [Ann]. He sends encouragement and asks JJC to acknowledge receipt of this parcel.

    Date: 1834

  • Transcription

    [Note added in pencil by Kitson:
    John’s coming to Norwich, gives date in this letter (at Easter as mentioned in one of M.E.C.’s letters)
    Norwich March 19 1834

    My dear John
    Your request regarding Alfred is happily almost unnecessary – at least the kindness of Geldart towards the Brother of your interest renders any attention on my part almost unnecessary. He goes frequently to Thorpe where he enjoys fresh air & sleeps in it. The most disagreeable of his symptoms have already left him. Like yourself when he wants medicine he will have my prescription, but in every other office, I am splendidly forestalled.
    I am not at all disappointed that you come not to Norwich next week. I never for a moment entertained the hope, & he who cherishes no hopes, who forgets even the form of an anticipation, makes friends with disappointment.
    [Sentence crossed out]
    I do not remember misdirecting the letter for Sam. If I understand you it was directed to you, a mistake I can only explain by that which excuses many others. Added to which, I do remember that [when – crossed out] at the time I had folded and sealed it, Geldart said “I must trouble you again Sir. I never can remember Johns address.” I hope you risk not much on my sanity. – I walked on Sunday

Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 19 March 1834