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Arthur Dixon letters

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/1
Page: 37 recto

  • Description

    Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 15 November 1834

    See summary at 36r

    Date: 1834

  • Transcription

    that’s a bonny change! and I can soon [change - crossed out] get rid of vexation and be happy in many considerations [about - crossed out] concerning you. I am angry rather, (just a pout for a moment) that when you wrote you did not post, every scrap that records your state of mind or feeling addressed to your dear Friend, haven’t I a right to it? & should you not always know me interested in & very very grateful for the communication? – Do you not know, nay you cannot know how much I value you & how oft I think of you. How much more perfect is the happiness I share when you are happy, because it is with me you share your griefs and confide in the same heart the joys & the sorrows too.
    Beleive [sic] me your sincere Friend – (for it is a fact)
    and write soon, will the Boy? –
    Yours always affectionate
    Arthur Dixon.

    I have sent you a letter fr[om] my brother John – send it back to me by first opportunity – there’s a bit about you which I intended to copy here but its ten oclock & Lounde goes to bed at about ten he told me. Say not to John I shew it you, he has cut me out a job. I shall write to him directly, he is a good fellow, never mind what he says to me though, its all fudge. Drive on Coacher.
    Do you know old Roper? – Damn old Roper.

Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 15 November 1834