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Arthur Dixon letters

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/1
Page: 33 recto

  • Description

    Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 21 October 1834

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    Date: 1834

  • Transcription

    shall hold that I received this morn[in]g as merely a business affair, a mere manifesto of goods received & hope you may consider me [credit - crossed out] —
    I had a letter from John from Boston on Saturday, quite well, a short affair. I wrote to him according to direction to Hull today – he mentioned as delightfully remembered your print On Sunday, by Water.
    I am pretty miserable, though I have many reasons to be happy and every reason to be grateful, amongst which, first & fore[most] and paramount is, that I enjoy the friendship of him who because he is a most noble and good fellow, and true, I love more dearly than the world beside [and because - crossed out] if more were wanted, it would suffice that he has thought well enough of me to allow him to call me his Friend. This with the hope of seeing you one day, a prime fellow, and being two prime fellows together, makes me as happy as my dearest Friend wishes to see me. – Do not forget me. Do not, I entreat you, fail to think sometimes of your Friend

Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 21 October 1834