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Arthur Dixon letters

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/3/1/1
Page: 18 verso

  • Description

    Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 14 June 1834

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    Date: 1834

  • Transcription

    drawing, and doing & going crazy again & it is very happy & very well, & very certain of your coming amongst your Norwich friends. —
    Your entire rejection of the probability or even possibility of Edmund even desiring to remain here must have rendered the proposition lately conveyed to you an unexpected and unprepared for communication but you will remember now all that Geldart may have said to you, & something of mine of last week. But do write, knowing your hopes. [word crossed out] Let me know all, if you have not forgotten the spirit of Dixons Sanctum in the years 31 and 32. Believe now the same, perfectly unaltered in nature and but in intensity of strength increased, springs to meet your joys & sorrows, & mix in sympathies to your refreshment. [word crossed out] I said I would write again soon. I had expected the flowers would have been ready two or three days since but, the greenhouse had to be moved off, & so, "Nature unassisted by Art" had to do it all, & could not get them forward sooner. —
    Saturday – the last moment
    Dearest Friend
    Yrs Dixon

    [Note in red pencil]
    AD to J.J.C.
    June '34

Letter of Arthur Dixon to John Joseph Cotman, 14 June 1834