The Cotman Collection | 41

Cotmania. Vol. VIII. 1932-3

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/8
Page: 29 recto

  • Description

    Visit to collection of John S. Cotman at Emmer Green (Reading), 24 Nov. 1932 (1)


  • Transcription

    Nov: 24, 1932. Went to J. S. Cotman's at Emmer Green. Mr Bowling was there. Went thro' the portfolios. A good deal of rubbish and late drawing copy stuff. Noted the following -
    (1) A collection of alphabets arranged by J. S. C. The "A's" are stuck on to sheets with bistre lines. German with a German inscription 1482, and in pencil in J. S. C.'s writing, "The earliest printed & colored letters". In another wrapper, "Fine old German letters, arranged as far as I have them", in pencil in J. S. C.'s writing.
    (2) Loose pages, some on vellum of medieval missals, in a paper wrapper, with J. S. C.'s note in pencil, "Part of the possessions of a General Collector".
    (3) A sepia replica of the 'Coast Scene', c 1802, in the V & A Museum (photo) 8½ x 12½. On the back of mount is written, 'Club subject. J. J. C. Copy of one of his father's evening studies' - in J. Reeve's writing. 9⅛ x 13⅛.
    (4) 3 outline studies in bl[ac]k chalk, big. "Sketch from the Deluge". "Raphael." all J. J. C.
    (5) Sketch of Yarm[outh] beach & jetty, pencil on very yellow, back of etching paper. J. S. C.
    (6) A young girl, pencil. "1166 J. S. Cotman" c 1810? 10¼ x 11. (like my gleaner.)

Visit to collection of John S. Cotman at Emmer Green (Reading), 24 Nov. 1932 (1)