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Cotmania. Vol. VIII. 1932-3

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/8
Page: 22 recto

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    Local views in Norwich Public Libraries (2)


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    (7) A pencil drawing of s.w. view of Castle Rising Church, "July 10 1813, 94, red tile, grey do. (on porch roof) figures inset at top, 9 x 12½. Sketch for etching pub[lishe]d Dec 20, 1813.
    (8) 'N front of Castle Rising Church July 9, 1813, 92', poorish drawing, foliage primitive. 5½ x 8.
    (9) "Castle Rising, East End, 93." 12¾ x 9½.
    (10) 'South Lopham Church tower, 103,' '10' on top l. '2/6'. on buff 1811 paper. 11 x 8¾, without bottom. PHOTO
    A. Fountain Esq
    - Williams Esq
    Sir J. Jenningham.
    J. Wyatt Esq.
    Rev. W. T. Spendens.
    Miss Schulty.
    Rev. G. Leather.
    Thos. Miles.
    R. P. Howard Esq.
    W. G. Esq.
    Rev. P. Sandford.
    Hudson Gurney Esq. M.P.
    Daniel Gurney Esq.
    (11) "Kirby Cane", a drawing of the font, a note on the drawing - "This head more under the line." "I/e" buff paper, 10½ x 7¼.
    {Notes relating to the facing page}
    Etching of Castle Rising Castle 1813, is dedicated to [Haword?]
    Etching, Hales Church N. Door is dedicated to H. G.
    Etching, S. Gate Lynn is dedicated to D. G.

Local views in Norwich Public Libraries (2)