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Cotmania. Vol. VIII. 1932-3

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/8
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    Local views in Norwich Public Libraries (1)


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    copy [printed in red ink] and another are the only 2 octavos with the ten engravings and etchings printed in red inks, each of which has my portrait. This is the only large paper copy which has it. “R Cory Junior 18 June, 1814.”
    In the Norwich Public Libraries is a collection of local views, from all sources, among them.
    (1) Walsoken, an etching of the font by Mrs D. T.
    **(2) A pencil drawing on buff paper of the upright interior etching. Squared with ½" squares, numbered vertically on left 1 to 29, and horizontally, at top, 1 to 22. “Walsoken Church”- PHOTO and on back Walsoken Church. 3/-
    *(3) Walsingham Abbey - buff paper sketch for the east end; for the watercolour Bulwer Collection. ‘Walsingham Abbey II’ 'July 199 1 -- horizontal sight line, vertical centre line. On back ‘Cotman 3/6’- PHOTO.
    (4) Wymondham- Norman details. 1811 watermark. On back in J.S.C’s writing “{GREEK} nipson anomema me monan opsin upon the base of the font at Hingham”. 1/6.
    (5) An etching, ‘Yelverton Font’, inscribed on the portfolio leaning against the front step - “Southtown J.C.W 1813” - based on a Cotman drawing.
    (6) A Sketch of Castle Acre by E.A.M. Manby 1821- was she wife of Captain G.W. Manby?

Local views in Norwich Public Libraries (1)