The Cotman Collection | 23

Cotmania. Vol. VIII. 1932-3

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/8
Page: 16 recto

  • Description

    Colman collection at Crown Point (15)


  • Transcription

    (20) A barge - buildings (?Greenwich) in background. "M. E. C. June 23 1831." Small.
    *(21) A study of a tree in scarlet gold & blue, primitive colours. Signed 'J. J. Cotman' 8 x 6½.
    (22) Portrait of Ann Cotman. ? by M. E. C. char[coa]l & pipeclay on brown paper. 12½ x 9½.
    (23) The Collegian. "J. S. Cotman" full length of a young man in cap & gown, black stock, tight trousers, swallow-tail coat, m.s. in left hand. St Paul's dome distant l. trees, bases of columns. black, white & pink chalk. Very undistinguished. 19 x 12½, c 1839.
    (24) Portrait - "M. E. Cotman sketched by Lucy C. Sothern [Mrs Holland] 14 x 10¼.
    A portfolio, labelled "Miscellaneous".
    (1) A watercolour of a hay barge (almost certainly by M. E. C., altho' the dealer has inscribed on the mount "J. S. Cotman 1832".) On back —
    "To W. H. Harriott Esq
    Presented to his kind Host & Friend
    by his truly obliged & faithful
    J. S. Cotman.
    June 30, 1832."

Colman collection at Crown Point (15)