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Cotmania. Vol. VIII. 1932-3

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/8
Page: 57 verso

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    Elections to the RIBA council and standing committees, including Sir Giles Gilbert Scott as president and Kitson as hon. secretary: cutting from The Times, 14 June 1933


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    At a general meeting of the Royal Institute of British Architects held on Monday at 9, Conduit Street, the results of the annual elections to the council and the standing committees were made public. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was elected president, and other elections were:-
    VICE-PRESIDENTS.- Mr. W. H. Ansell, Mr.J. Begg (Edinburgh), Mr. H. S. Goodhart-Rendel, and Mr. M. E. Webb.
    HONORARY SECRETARY.- Mr. S. D. Kitson.
    MEMBERS OF COUNCIL.- Professor L. P. Abercrombie (Liverpool), Professor S. D. Adshead, Mr. H. V. Ashley, Mr. E. C. Bewlay (Birmingham), Mr. H. T. Buckland (Birmingham), Mr. J. Emberton, Mr. W. C. Green, R. A., Mr. E. S. Hall, Mr. P. D. Hepworth, Mr. C. H. Holden, Mr. H. V. Lanchester, Mr. O. P. Milne, Professor C. H. Reilly (Liverpool), Professor A. E. Richardson, Mr. H. M. Robertson, Mr. L. S. Sullivan, Mr. S. Tatchell, Mr. P. E. Thomas (Cardiff).
    ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF COUNCIL.- Mr. C. A. Farey, Mr. E. M. Fry, Mr. E. Gunn, Mr. R. G. Lovell (Eastbourne), Mr. R. N. MacKellar (Newcastle-on-Tyne), Mr. J. D. Scott, Mr. M. J. Tapper, Mr. E. B. Webber, Mr. C. Woodward.
    LICENTIATE MEMBERS OF COUNCIL.- Mr. H. L. Baker (Romford), Mr. G. N. Kent, F. S. I., Major F. W. Rees, Captain A. S. Reeves, Mr. F. R. Taylor, Mr. P. J. Waldram, F. S. I.
    PAST PRESIDENTS.- Sir B. (Flight) Fletcher, M. Arch., F. S. A., Sir. R. Unwin.
    Mr. Frederick Charles Wilson, 59, a retired prison officer, of Rowley Avenue, Sidcup, died in a barber's chair while having his hair cut at the shop of Mr. Mark Senett, of The Oval, Sidcup.
    {The Times
    June 14 1933}