The Cotman Collection | 85

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 29 recto

  • Description

    Auction Sales 1931-32

    Sales of works by John Sell Cotman; other owners include Alfred Pilkington and Lucy Carrington Wertheim

    Date: 1931-32

  • Transcription

    Auction Sales, 1931-1932.
    {Kitson’s annotations in curly brackets}
    {Foster’s 4.11.31.} J. P. [sic] COTMAN …… 61 TWO – Westhumble, Sussex [sic], and one other {S. D. K. 6.0.0.}
    {Sotheby’s 25.11.31.} J. S. COTMAN
    \57 Little Walsingham Font, Norfolk, pencil and pen and ink
    11 in. byin.
    {Sold by Walker in 1933. Copy by a pupil? Wertheim}
    {Sotheby’s 25.11.31.} J. S. COTMAN
    \59 Repps Church, Norfolk, probably dated from about 1815-1817
    11¼ in. by 18¼ in.
    {Sold by by [sic] Walker 1926 (Bulwer Coll[ection] No. 54) to Mrs Wertheim for 40 g[uinea]s.}
    {15.0.0. bought in?}
    {Christies 1.7.32} J. S. COTMAN {36 g[uinea]s (Bowden)}
    \138 A SEA-PIECE, with men-o’-war and fishing boats in a strong breeze
    in. by 8½ in.
    {Sold by the ex[ecut]ors of the late Alfred Pilkington Esq.}
    {Christies 8.7.32} COTMAN
    \106 A VIEW ON THE COAST AT LOW TIDE, with stranded boats and fisherfolk
    38 in. by 48 in. {oil.}

Auction Sales 1931-32