The Cotman Collection | 74

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 23 verso

  • Description

    Works owned by Mr & Mrs John Sell Cotman

    List of works by John Sell Cotman and others owned by Mr & Mrs John Sell Cotman, near Reading (23)-(31)

    Date: 1932

  • Transcription

    (23) Watercolour. Landscape, trees on r[ight]. Signed M. A. R. (?) 4 x 7½.
    (24)* Watercolour. Mountains, Lake & Cattle. (?) Llyn Ogwen, late paste medium, 6½ x 10½.
    (25) Watercolour. A boat shed, 9 x 12, rather weak J. S. C. A pencil drawing of a lych gate ‘M. E. Cotman 1821.’ (in J. S. C’s writing) on the back, an astonishingly good copy for a boy of 11.
    (26)* Tinted drawing. Interior of Deanery at Norwich, at foot of Stairs, window w[ith] coats of arms in front. c. 1824-6.
    A copy of this drawing by Arthur Batchelor 12¼ x 9, is in the poss[essio]n of Mrs Beeching, widow of the Dean of Norwich, seen Oct: 11, 1932.
    (27)* Water Colour. The broken bridges. 9 x 12¾, c 1824, in poor condition.
    (28) Watercolour. A landscape 10 x 14. Surely not by J. S. C
    (29) Watercolour. Old Battersea Bridge, a replica of Sir H. Bacon’s – (?) a copy by Thirtle 12¼ x 10¾.
    (30) A long landscape watercolour by J. J. C (on piano.)
    (31) A square landscape watercolour by J. J. C (very good.)

Works owned by Mr & Mrs John Sell Cotman