The Cotman Collection | 69

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 21 recto

  • Description

    Kitson's diary entry for 27-29 July 1932

    Cotmans owned by Lewis Fry

    Date: 1932

  • Transcription

    July 27-29th Stayed with Lewis Fry at Limpsfield. His large ‘Greta’ was in the flood at the Tate. On comparing it with the reproduction in Oppé’s book, & with Fry’s small Greta, (which was not in the flood) it is very evident that all the yellow has gone, leaving the drawing rather ashy grey in appearance.
    Cotman drawings belonging to the Rt Hon: Lewis Fry. List made for probate on his death in 1921.
    (1) East Barsham Manor. bequeathed to L.G.F.
    [Very spotted, cleaned & revised.]
    (2) Walsingham Abbey. [rep[roduce]d in Oppé.] d[itt]o.
    (3) Binham Abbey. d[itt]o,
    [16½ x 11. Sky spotted. It remains, however, a very noble drawing c. 1806-7.]
    (4) Greta Woods, with bridge in distance. d[itt]o.
    [The large ‘Greta’, rep[roduce]d by Oppé, was in the Tate Flood: much of the warm yellow colour has flown. It remains a grey green ghost, still lovely.]
    (5) Rokeby Park, Ash Trees. d[itt]o.
    [The small ‘Greta’, 13 x 9, not in Tate Flood, still brilliant.]
    (6) Lady of Alençon.
    [12½ x 9, on grey paper, 12½ x 9.
    Exh[ibite]d R.B.A, Centenary exh[ibitio]n 1923.]
    (7) The Pithay, Bristol. bought by Mrs L. G. Fry for £75.
    [Signed ‘J. S. Cotman, 1831.’
    12¼ x 8¼. Part of a letter from J.S.C to Francis Gibson is pasted on the back – “Norwich 27 Jan 1831. The house in the centre of Bristol, but the distance imaginary. Dr Sir, I did not answer your letter.”
    Exh[ibite]d Tate 1922.]

Kitson's diary entry for 27-29 July 1932