The Cotman Collection | 60

Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: Inserted after fol. 17

  • Description

    Letter to Kitson from Paul Oppé

    See recto

    Date: 1932

  • Transcription

    Fine Art example is against the attribution. Was Cotman ever so completely monotonous in colour, without even strong accents, as in the V. R. drawing? That is why I looked upon it as an unfinished drawing, possibly. But it does not grow more J. S. C-like in retrospect.
    I hope that you have not been overtired by Manchester. I don’t think that you have missed anything in London, but you w[oul]d have been better, on these fine days, in your garden in Kidlington.
    I have proceeded a little with Victoria’s happy time, thanks to my refreshment with you; but only 2 evenings have been available this week.
    À bientôt
    Yrs ever
    Paul Oppé

Letter to Kitson from Paul Oppé