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Cotmania. Vol. VII. 1931-2

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/7
Page: 11 verso

  • Description

    Kitson's diary entries 30 November-22 December 1931

    Cotman's Classical Landscape on sale at P. M. Turner's Independent Gallery; a visit from John Sell Cotman of Reading; a seascape by Cotman (1801); Norman Lupton informs SDK of three Cotmans belonging to Mrs Worthington of Devon.

    Date: 1931

  • Transcription

    Nov: 30, 1931. Visited the Independent Gallery, where P. M. T[urner] had an “Inexpensive Exhibition of 19th Century English Water Colours”.
    [Catalogue entry]
    J. S. COTMAN
    \13. Classical Landscape.
    [Notes by Kitson]
    c 11 x 8
    This is a piece of Classical architecture, bridge in foreground, foliage & a purple woman with a jar on her head. It belongs to Vickers, in whose window I saw it some time ago. P.M.T. asks £95 for it.
    Dec 1, 1931. On my return I found that John Sell Cotman had called to look at my drawings; he left his card, with a note on the back –
    John S. Cotman, F.C.A.
    Emmer Green,

    Dec 22, 1931. G. D. Thomson called, & showed me a ‘seascape[’] by J.S.C, signed & dated 1801. It is only 8¾ x 7½, but ambitious & advanced. ‘John Sell Cotman’ can be seen written on the mount, thro’ the picture, when held to a strong light. The sky & sea were put in & the ship was superimposed. A wash of light red was first used & then the indigo was used on the top of this.
    N.D.L. wrote on Dec. 16 that he has seen 3 large Cotmans, belonging to Mrs. Worthington, who lives beyond Honiton.
    (1) St Bennetts Abbey (like Cotman’s).
    (2) Interior of a ruined Abbey, 36 x 24. ? Kirkstall, Fountains, Rievaulx, or Tintern or Llanthony.

Kitson's diary entries 30 November-22 December 1931