The Cotman Collection | 99

Cotmania. Vol. V. 1929-30

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/5
Page: 70 verso

  • Description

    Girtin's drawings in the British Museum

    4 items + a sketch

    Date: 1929-30

  • Transcription

    Girtin (cont[inue]d) B.M.
    Cayne Waterfall.’ on ribbed paper. 19½ x 24, folded in middle. plotted & partly coloured on spot (?)
    obviously ‘1800’.
    Bridgnorth. 24½ x 37½. huge, finely drawn. taken from other side of the Bridge to Cotman’s ‘Bridgnorth 1800’, but the r. corner 2 arches & stairs come in N. Lupton’s ‘Sepia with Cows’. It is, I think, the same side & the same view as Cotman’s drawing exh[ibite]d in the Independent Gallery in June 1928.
    LB 65. Bridgenorth Pencil drawing. 9½ x 21½. ‘Bridgenorth’ in Girtin’s writing. on smooth paper, folded in middle, superb draughtsmanship.
    L.B. 50.Conway Castle. [note added in pencil: really Caernarvon Castle.] ‘Girtin’, & a rubbed out date. unfinished w[ater]c[olour] on ribbed paper. 11½ x 17½.
    {Sketch of the above by Kitson}
    Very fine & direct. 1800 (?)

Girtin's drawings in the British Museum