The Cotman Collection | 90

Cotmania. Vol. V. 1929-30

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/5
Page: 65 recto

  • Description

    Ashmolean Museum, Album of Drawings

    Items 121-129

    Date: 1929-30

  • Transcription

    (121) 'Entrance to Ch[urch] Walsingham.' Copy of C's etching of 1817 in pencil - fair - (by E. S[etchel])
    (122) 'Walton.' pencil (by E. S) from same plate as C's etching of c1817 - but differing in details - doubtless copied from original drawing - poor.
    (123) 'South Side of S. Gate, Yarmouth.' pencil (by E. S) Copy of an (?)unknown C.
    (124) 'Town on City walls Norwich' pencil by E. S. Copy of C's pencil in Bulwer Coll[ection] (R. H. K). 2. c1806.
    (125) 'An arch in Walsingham Abbey'. pencil by E. S. A Norman archway. Copy of a C unknown to me.
    (126) 'Skeyton' Ch[urch] pencil, by E. S - poor - copy of a pencil by C c1816 in Bulwer Coll[ection].
    (127) 'Part of the S. Front of Stivekey [i.e. Stiffkey?] Hall.' pencil by E. S. Poor copy of the drawing sold by Parsons a few years ago.
    (128) 'Pentney' [gateway] Copy of a pencil drawing by C. c.1811. in Bulwer Coll[ection]. The undated etching is from same original - E. S.
    [(129) (crossed out)] See 125. 'An arch in Walsingham Abbey'. pencil. (a Norman archway, small door. E. S.
    [(130) (crossed out)] See 126. 'Skeyton.' Copy of a pencil drawing by C c1816 in Bulwer Coll[ection]. E. S.
    (129) Walsingham Abbey (Tool shed & ruined walls overgrown w[ith] ivy) Copy of a w[ater]c[olour] by C. Another copy by Eliz[abe]th Turner, in colour, in D[awson] T[urner] Coll[ection] B[ritish] M[useum]. E. S.

Ashmolean Museum, Album of Drawings