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Cotmania. Vol. V. 1929-30

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/5
Page: 40 verso

  • Description

    Cholmeley Diary, Vol. I

    August 1799-April 1802

    Date: 1929-30

  • Transcription

    Aug. 19. Mrs Cholmeley went to Scarbro'.
    — Mr Cholmeley & Francis set off for Crathorne & from there into Northumberland
    Sept 4. Mr Cholmeley returned to Brandsby having parted with his son that morning who set off from Northallerton with 3 Mr Selbys for Oscott School.
    Oct. 15. Mr Dormer, Mr Canning & Mr F. Canning came.
    — 16. Mr Cholm[le]y went with above gentlemen to see Duncombe Park.
    — 17. D[itt]o all to Gilling in ye morning.
    — 18. Mr Dormer & ye Mr Cannings went away.
    Dec. 4. Mr & Mrs C and their 4 daughters went to York to Mr Morine's ball.
    June 28. Francis came from Oscott to Harrogate.
    Aug. 7. Lady Carlisle & Mr E. Jerningham (the poet) the poet. Mr Mic[hael] Ann came after tea.
    — 18. Mr Garforth [of Wigganthorp] & Mr Carr here in the morning.
    Sep 30. Lord & Lady Sheffield came.
    Oct 2. Lord & Lady Sheffield went away.
    Dec 2. Francis set off for Edinburgh.
    Jan 27. The sow pigged 19 pigs.
    May 12. Mr Garforth & Mr Carr here in the morning.
    May 23. Mr Pearson, drawing master, came & staid about an hour. [oval w[ood]c[ut] Byland Abbey, near Coxwould, 1796. J. Pearson, in poss[essio]n of H.F.C.
    Aug 6. Mrs C, Ann, Catherine & Harriet went to Malton & on the 13th they went to Scarbro.
    Sept 7. Mr Cholmeley went to Biddlestone.
    Oct 4. Mr Smith [Rector of Brandsby] in ye morning, bringing the news of ye Prelim[inarie]s of Peace between France & England being signed! Deo Gratias!
    — 30. Francis went off to Edinburgh where he arrived happily on Sat 7 Nov 11 o'clock.
    April 19. Mr Cave came in ye evening.
    — 25. Mr Cave went away.

Cholmeley Diary, Vol. I