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Cotmania. Vol. V. 1929-30

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/5
Page: 79 recto-80 recto

  • Description

    Brandsby Commonplace Book

    79r Introductory notes on the book and the Cholmeley family
    79v Notes on drawings, cross-referenced from fol. 80r
    80r Entries for July-August 1803

    Date: 1929-30

  • Transcription

    The Brandsby Commonplace Book.

    Extracts from a small manuscript book (7 x 4¾) bound in calf, in the possession of Mr H. C. Fairfax-Cholmeley of Swathgill, Brandsby, Yorks.
    The book ['is half' crossed out] records the visitors to Brandsby Hall and notes unusual ['events or' crossed out] happenings.
    It was kept ['indifferently', 'either by Mr or' crossed out] by Mrs Cholmeley.
    Francis Cholmeley, of Brandsby, born 1750, died 1808, married in 1782 Teresa (died 1810) daughter of Sir Henry Englefield Bart of Whiteknights, Berks; and sister of Sir Henry Englefield F.R.S: F.S.A — to whom Cotman dedicated his 24 ['25' corrected in pencil] etchings, published in 1811. They had 1 son — Francis, born 1783. ['& 3 daughters' crossed out, '4' inserted in pencil] ['Francis' crossed out] He married Aug 22, 1809 Barbara, daughter of Henry Darrell of Cale Hill, Kent. He inherited the estate of his uncle, Sir H. Englefield, ['he' crossed out] and died in 1854. The eldest daughter, Anne, married in 1814 Gerald Strickland. The second d[aughter,] Mary Catherine, married in 1815, John Wright Jun[io]r. The 3rd d[aughter] married in 1809 W. J. Charlton of Hesleyside, Northumberland. The son of Francis the second, also Francis, born 1810, married in 1838 Harriet d[aughter] of Charles Gregory Fairfax of Gilling & so brought the Gilling Castle Estate to the Cholmeley family.

    (A) Drawing by P. S. Munn — 'St Mary's Abbey, York July 5 1803' is in Brit[ish] Mus[eum].
    Drawing by P. S. Munn — 'Ouse Bridge, York. July 6, 1803.' is in Brit[ish] Mus[eum].
    (B) There are 2 sepia drawings in Brit[ish] Mus[eum] by P. S. Munn of 'Kirkstall Abbey' '1803'.
    Drawing by P. S. Munn, 'Richmond, Yorks, July 14, 1803' is in Brit[ish] Mus[eum].
    Drawing by P. S. Munn — 'Gordale, near Malham July 26 1803' is in Brit[ish] Mus[eum].
    'View on the Tees, Barnard Castle - 1803' by P. S. Munn is in V&A Museum.
    (C) Drawing by P. S. Munn 'Rivaux Abbey Yorks. July 9 1803' in Brit[ish] Mus[eum].
    (5.) Pencil drawing of a woodland scene ['with 2 figures on horseback' crossed out] a gnarled oak tree, a stag & 2 hinds, park palings beyond, inscribed 'Duncombe Park' 'Aug 9, 1803), '22', is in Brit[ish] Mus[eum]. (313.)
    [(6.) Crayon & white chalk drawing on blue paper of trees with a small bridge in foreground inscribed ?Aug 8, 1803. belongs to S. D. Kitson. Sir M[ichael] Sadler has a similar drawing, but 10% larger.] [This entry is crossed out in pencil.]
    (6) A drawing of the Refectory doorway, inscribed 'Rivaux, Aug 7 1803' (12½ x 9) sold at Christie's Nov[ember] 1928, is in the poss[essio]n of A. P. Oppé. The colours are dark green, ochre & grey.

    July 7th Mr Munn (A) & Mr Cotman came.
    July 9th Mr Munn & Mr Cotman went to Helmsley. (C)
    July 10 Mr Munn & Mr Cotman returned.
    July 14 Mr Munn & Mr Cotman went away.
    July 18. Began to mow.
    Aug 2. Mr Munn & Mr Cotman came. (B) (3)
    Aug 3. Mr Munn went away.
    Aug: 7 Mr Cotman went to Helmsley. (4)
    Aug: 9 Mr Cotman returned from Helmsley (5-6)
    Aug 13. Mrs Cholmeley, the 4 girls and Mr Cotman went to Byland & returned in the evening.

    1. Paul Sandby Munn. 1773-1845. Watercolour painter.
    2. John Sell Cotman 1782-1842.
    There is a drawing by J. S. Cotman inscribed "Ouse Bridge York, July 5, 1803", in the V&A Museum.
    3. Pencil study of weeds, inscribed 'Kirkstall July 28, 1803' by J. S. Cotman, in the collection of S. D. Kitson.
    (4) A black & white chalk drawing of Helmsley Woods, unsigned, ['by' crossed out] but dated '(?Aug 8) 1803' is in the collection of S. D. Kitson. A similar drawing (about 10% larger) signed 'JS Cotman', but undated, belongs to Sir M[ichael] Sadler.

Brandsby Commonplace Book