The Cotman Collection | 21

Cotmania. Vol. XII. 1937

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/12
Page: 9 recto

  • Description

    Seeking information on the provenance of a small Cotman work.

    Letter to S.D. Kitson from F.S. Perry.

    Date: 26 March 1937

  • Transcription

    {Letter to S.D. Kitson from F.S. Perry}
    26 March 1937.

    Sydney Kitson Esq.
    c/o Messrs Faber & Faber

    You will perhaps pardon a stranger writing to you about a personal matter, but I am encouraged to do so by Dr. [illegible 1 word] H. W. Laing who is a friend of your kinsman Mr. R. H. Kitson.

    Some time ago I bought a picture at the sale of the effects of a local man. It was catalogued as "Lot ...." and I bought it because it pleased me. When I got it home I saw the back board had a label with the signature of J. S. Cotman. I should very much value your opinion as to its authenticity, and if you are willing to see it, I will send it for your inspection.

    If it is a genuine Cotman I may dispose of it for the money would be useful. If it is not a Cotman I shall keep it for my own enjoyment.

    I have some misgivings that you may regard my request as entirely improper. If for any reason you look on it with disfavour please treat this letter as unwritten.

    I am, Sir
    Your obedient servant
    F S Perry
    (F.S. P)

Seeking information on the provenance of a small Cotman work.