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Cotmania. Vol. XII. 1937

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    The Spring Programme - II. Memoirs, History and the Arts/British Museum Acquisitions

    Cuttings from The Times Literary Supplement and The Times newspapers.

    Date: 13-15 February 1937

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    {cutting from The Times Literary Supplement}

    Art is represented in an illustrated handbook on "Paintings of the Royal Collections" by Roy Bishop (Harrap); "Secrets of an Art Dealer," by James H. Duveen, which Robert Hale has nearly ready; "Paint and Prejudice," the memoirs of C. R. W. Nevinson, illustrated by his own pictures (Methuen); "Florentine Painting and its Social Background," by Friedrich Antal (Chatto and Windus); "George Coates: His Art and His Life," an illustrated memoir by his wife (Dent); "The Life of John Sell Cotman," by Sydney Kitson, with some 160 reproductions illustrating the wide range of Cotman's art; and "My Father, Paul Gauguin," by Pola Gauguin, with forty-eight reproductions in photogravure from every phase of the artist's work (Cassell).

    The Times Lit: Sup: Feb: 13. 1937


    {cutting from The Times}

    Among recent acquisitions at the British Museum is a number of attractive additions to the Department of Prints and Drawings. These include a bequest of drawings from the late Mrs. Arthur Symons, notably a pastoral in pen and Indian ink wash by William Blake, and sketches, with presentation inscriptions, by Rodin and Mr. Augustus John. One of Mr. John's drawings, the head of a girl, is something of a curiosity, for it is drawn on a table-napkin - marked "Treviglio Restaurant" and is inscribed "En écoutant Symons lire ses poѐmes j'ai fait ça d'instinct. Augustus John."

    An album containing 54 pencil and chalk sketches by J. S. Cotman has been given by Mrs. Rowland Barker. Many of them were made in the drawing-room of the old Bank House at Great Yarmouth while the artist was giving lessons to the daughters of Dawson Turner, the antiquary and botanist. These sketches, though slight, are nevertheless often very pictorial.

    The Times. Feb. 15. 1937

*The Spring Programme - II. Memoirs, History and the Arts*/*British Museum Acquisitions*