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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/10
Page: 20 verso

  • Description

    Two Cotman watercolours sent to Kitson by Walkers Galleries/ Letter from . Charlles

    Kitson entry stating he was sent two faded Cotman watercolours from Walkers Galleries. Kitson also mentioned that he was notified about a Cotman drawing of Norwich Market Place.
    Letter from a P. Charles enquiring as to whether Kitson would like to photograph a picture - unclear which picture though.

    Date: 1934- 1935

  • Transcription

    {Kitson entry}
    On July 31 1935 Walkers Galleries sent me two faded, but interesting watercolours "Kirkthorp ch (church): Yorks. J.S. Cotman 1804" & "The River Humber, Ouse & Trent, from Welton near Hull, Yorks", signed but undated & evidently 1804. The latter is the same scene as "View from the Humber" at [?] Walker rang up the next day and I bought them over the telephone. Mr and Mrs Walker came to tea on aug 4, and inspected my collection.
    aug 10. 1935, Charles Bardswell called: said he had seen at Sir Lawrence Halvey's at Worplesdon a larger Cotman drawing of Norwich Market Place. This is the one [maintained] by Diches, p.265 - 16 x 25 3/4, dated 1806 - bought by Freeman who was to publish a lithograph (?) of it - Exhibited 1809 with a note to effect a plate was preparing. Sold at Freeman's sale 1851, bought by Mr Mills. at Mill's sale bought by Mr Dali[?], a relative of Mrs B[?] who exhibited it at the Burlington Fine Arts Club 1888.
    Aug 14th/35
    Chigwell -Ex

    I saw [Helsey] nephew [?], who tells me that his father has [?] the [picture] all his life - it hung in his grandmother's drawing room - Mrs [?] was a great aunt. I am writing to [Helsey], to see what can be done - If I borrowed the [picture], who would you like to photograph it? Will you be in London in the near future?
    P. Charles

Two Cotman watercolours sent to Kitson by Walkers Galleries/ Letter from . Charlles