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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

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    The Times press cutting/ Kitson diary entry with extract from Crabb Robinson's diary

    Press cutting refers to Cotman's 'seashore with boats', one of his earliest experiments in oil/ Crabb Robinson extract from 1812 which is derogatory towards an individual. Kitson suggests he is most probably alluding to J.S. Haywood- a member of the Drawing Society.

    Date: 1934-1935

  • Transcription

    {Kitson note}
    The Times, July 19, 1935
    {press cutting}
    The National Gallery has lately acquired two paintings of artistic value. The first, by Bernardo Cavallino (1622-54), represents Christ driving out the money-changers. It has been presented by Count Contini Bonacossi, of Florence.
    Cavallino is now reckoned one of the most distinguished and graceful Neapolitan painters of the seicento, but he is not well known outside Italy, and hitherto he has not been represented in the National Gallery. The "Expulsion of the Money Changers" is one of his most ambitious compositions. It was previously in the Sestieri Collection, and was exhibited at the Pitti Palace in 1922. It has now been placed on exhibition in Room XXVII.
    The second picture is a small but characteristic study, "Seashore with Boats," by John Sell Cotman (1782-1842), another artist who is not fully represented at Trafalgar Square. It is painted on millboard in oils, and must represent one of his earliest experiments in that medium, dating from about the year 1807. It was lent to the R.A. in 1878 by Edwin Edwards, of Golden Square, from whom it passed in 1891 to the late Mr. J.P. Heseltine, who in turn lent it to the Cotman exhibition at Millbank in 1922. The picture has been bought from Mr. Heseltine's executors. It has been hung above Cotman's other picture of "Wherries on the Yare" in Room XXIII
    {Kitson entry}
    Extract from Crabb Robinson's* Diary
    Nov: 6, 1812.
    "accompanied J. Collier to [?] for the first time. A party to [?] Barnes, Allingham and one. a floor cloth manufacturer in the Borough, near [?], not a very agreeable man because a man of [?]. B says dealing in canvas he thinks he has a right to talk of pictures. [?] les beaux arts: has travelled, but his language is coarse, rather familiar than easy."
    This is most probably an allusion to J.S. Haywood, the amateur member of the Drawing Society.

The Times press cutting/ Kitson diary entry with extract from Crabb Robinson's diary