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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

Archive: SDK Sydney Decimus Kitson Archive
Reference Number: SDK/1/2/1/10
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  • Description

    Extract from an article on "An Australian water-colour Painter" John D. Moore in "Apollo" April 1934

    Article discusses artist John D. Moore's influences, which include Cotman and Constable.

    Date: 1934-1935

  • Transcription

    {cutting including print of painting by John D. Moore}
    But in his work was the hint of other experiences, hardly less important. It was apparent that he had discovered for himself the Constable sketches and been infected directly by that vibrant and gusty airiness which made old Fuseli want to take refuge behind his umbrella. But he had also discovered Cotman, and, among
    {picture of painting LOOKING WEST, KURRAJONG, N.S.W. By John D. Moore}
    contemporary figures, Innes. They were all appropriate to varying aspects of Australian landscape. Living on the shores of Sydney Harbour, with a moving pageant of sea and sky always before him, nothing could be more suggestive than the spontaneous vigour of Constable's smaller works. In the quiet gullies of the bush about the city a timeless landscape of trees and falling streams, and of rocky outcrops wearing a patina of time more venerable than the incrustations of Norman or Saxon or even Roman England, responded more sensibly to the stylistic, more decorative suggestinos of a Cotman or an Innes.
    {picture of painting LANDSCAPE WITH ROAD By John D. Moore}

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