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Cotmania. Vol. X. 1934-5

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    Quote from John Drinkwater autobiography/ Quote from annual review of V&A 1934

    John Drinkwater quote highlighting his appreciation for Romantic period painters/ V&A quote referring to bequest received from Lady Powell, and about her descendants who had links with the watercolour painters during the Romantic period.

    Date: 1934 - 1935

  • Transcription

    John Drinkwater, in a volume of autobiography called "Inheritance" (Benn 1931-) writes - (p.60) -
    "It was I am sure those early Oxfordshire days that prepared me for my life-long delight in those gentle and scrupulous artists. What an adorable lot they were, so [incompatible?] in vision, so direct and austere in statement. and how worthily did the smaller talents [?] the traditions that was made glorious by Cotman and Turner (the earlier Turner), and Cox (the earlier Cox) and J.R. Cousins.
    ....Tom Brown and his guests....lining up across the first plough-land with [?] Spanish at heel and the September sun glaring off the burnished barrels of their guns, [are?] the right figures in the right scene to set all Cotman's faculties as of.
    From the annual review of the V&A museum in 1934 -
    "An important bequest of drawings was received under the will of Edith, Lady Powell, widow of the late Sir Richard Douglas Powell Bt, K.C.V.O. (1842-1925) who was physician in Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V. Lady Powell was the younger daughter of the late Henry Wood of Cleveland Square and his wife nee Rosetta d'Arbley Burney, daughter of the venerable Charles Parr Burney, successfully archdeacon of St. Albans and Colchester. archdeacon Burney was a son of Charles Burney D.D, a grandson of Charles Burney the historian of music, and a nephew [note goes to left side of page vertically] of Fanny Burney, [?] d'Arbley - later the celebrated Dr Thomas Monro he befriended young watercolour painters and many of the drawings he possessed were bought at Dr Monro's sale.

Quote from John Drinkwater autobiography/ Quote from annual review of V&A 1934